Role: Freelance UX Designer

The Challenge

The fashion industry is the second most polluting one, and seriously lacks transparency in its production processes. Clear Fashion, previously known as Clothparency, was created with the goal of making fashion more transparent, raising consumer awareness and hopefully triggering brands to be more socially and environmentally conscious.
When I joined, Clothparency existed as a web app and was in the process of changing its identity while developing a mobile version of the app.

I don’t buy H&M clothes anymore since I’ve heard one of their factories collapsed.

– A user of the app

The Outcome

Clear Fashion launched in September 2019 as a mobile app with a new name and brand identity. Through the app, users can research their favorite brand or scan a specific piece of clothing to obtain a grade on four criteria – Sustainability, Human Labor, Health and Animals -, including detailed explanation and the sources of information. 

The Process

I joined the team as a UX designer to redesign the app from their existing research and content, for its official launch in app stores. Working side by side with the co-founders, marketing manager, UI designer and developers, I defined the app’s information architecture, sketched and designed the wireframes (Adobe XD) for a better user flow. I later followed up with user testing sessions, both at the office with colleagues and in shops with regular customers, to evaluate and adjust the prototypes accordingly.