The Challenge

In the context of a product design training at The Design Crew, we worked on a project for Heetch in groups of two. The PM briefed us on our goal: improve the “pick-up experience”, meaning the time before the user actually get in the car, as it has a low conversion rate funnel (many users cancel the ride before the driver has arrived).

Visuals of Heetch’s current order experience

Defining the problem

We started by doing a collaborative journey map of the current Heetch experience to define the main steps and possible pain points in the process.

Collaborative journey map of a Heetch ride

Based on our user research (5 calls per group), we brainstormed on possible How Might We questions and voted for the most relevant ones.

“How Might We” session


We settle on a problematic: How might we facilitate the passenger’s pick-up?
With my partner, we started by making a mindmap to drop all of our thoughts on paper and see possible connexions.

Mindmap of the problematic: How might we facilitate the passenger’s pick-up?

We generated a diversity of ideas, starting with a “Crazy 8s” and building up with a “Remix & Improve” workshop. Then, we narrowed down to two ideas that we developed into storyboards.

Workshop session: Crazy 8s
Workshop session: Remix & Improve from my partner’s Crazy 8s ideas
Designing storyboards from our selected ideas

Our design proposition

We decided to focus on delays happening while waiting for a ride, as we witnessed from our user research that it was a recurrent complaint after ordering a Heetch: the waiting time would suddenly increase, sometimes doubling the time displayed at the moment of the order.

Our solution is to be transparent and offer an alternative: when a delay over 5 minutes happens, we notify the user and suggest to walk a couple of minutes to get closer and reduce the waiting time.

If the user doesn’t accept, they can either wait, call the driver or cancel the ride. We improved the copywriting at that point, to clarify: if the user cancels after 5 minutes, there is a cancellation fee. Under 5 minutes, the user doesn’t pay anything.

Regarding copy, we also switched the way we address to the user, going from “vous” (formal) to “tu” (casual), as the general tone of voice and branding of Heetch already targets young adults.

Prototype in motion