The Challenge

With the opening of grocery stores, La Ruche qui dit Oui ! needed a tool for store managers to deal with their orders, receptions, stock management, and so on. Because of its specific business model, with a direct connexion to food producers, there was unfortunately no existing tool they could use. We therefore developed our own.

The process

The starting point was to understand the context: I had a few discussions with some store managers, and spent a day in one of our grocery stores to get a grasp of their daily tasks, such as receiving, unpacking and ordering the delivered products.

With the Product Manager, we then defined their user journey and defined the key elements we needed in the MVP. We prioritized them and I started wireframes.

We had the chance to have easy-access users I could get feedback from, so I took advantage of it and conducted many user tests in order to refine the designs based on their insights.

The MVP has been tested in a store – order, reception, stock management – so that we could make sure everything was working fine. In parallel, we kept adding bricks with the same process listed above.

For this product, I’ve also built a design system from scratch, and the front developer plans to create a Storybook from it.