When is the last time you tried something new?

The Challenge

When we travel, we are curious, open-minded, active — we explore. When we are at home, however, we fall in a routine, we go to the same places with the same people — we get lazy. We go to school or to work every day, we eat the same food and have the same conversations with the same people. By staying within our own bubble, we quickly lose sight of what we truly want out of life. Yet, we tend to be craving for more travel, more adventures. So, why do we not embrace this travel mindset at home too?

The Outcome

Noevo is an interactive installation providing a new eye on the city by suggesting you an event or activity to do today. It invites you to step out of your routine and play to get surprised by an unexpected outcome.

The Process

The idea was to create a physical product rather than an app or a website, in order to interact directly with the city and be active, ready to go.
I started by researching existing games and street marketing, and their precepts. The ideation phase took a large part of the development in order to find the right form to get the most Wow! effect, through sketches and cardboard scale-models.

After deciding on a final design, I made a 3D-drawing to determine the exact dimensions and the inner circuit of the ball, before building the working prototype in steel, plywood, acrylic and polystyrene. I also defined the brand identity for the graphic design of the tickets, logo and colour palette.

This project was presented for the Design Academy Graduation Show at Campina during the Dutch Design Week 2019 in Eindhoven.

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