The Challenge

In 2015, a study by the World Health Organization showed all processed meat, including sausages, cause cancer. This is due to all the additives they put in to preserve it longer. Home-made sausages, however, do not include any additives and therefore, no risk of cancer. Commercialised meat in supermarkets “need” these additives, but restaurants and fast foods could easily avoid them by preparing sausages themselves with fresh ingredients.
How can we promote healthier and more environmentally friendly fast-food?

The Outcome

Wurst is a fictive new label for restaurants and fast foods, pledging that the food provided is fresh, homemade, organic, additives-free, its origins are trackable and its packaging, sustainable.

There is an incredible amount of different labels for food, but very few cover the catering industry. The purpose of this label is to create a network of trustable catering participants and bring healthy fast food options to the consumer. An app provides information about the label’s charter, its partners, news around this industry, and most importantly, helps you find the nearest Wurst restaurant and fast food partners near you.

The Process

I started off researching on the fast-food industry, and what (and if) healthier and environmentally friendly alternatives existed. I also made an online survey to find out what mattered to people about these topics. From these conclusions, I made a Charte for a fictive label, listing several points that partners have to meet in order to be part of it. I developed an app showcasing the partners on a map, with some extra filters based on different criteria such as outdoor seating or card payment allowed.

Each Wurst partner is proudly showing it with a certifying sticker on its door.